Bhavans Service Scheme (BSS) kicks off at SIS

Bhavan’s Smart Indian School inducted Bhavans Service Scheme in its own campus with a great celebration. The day was majestically decorated by the presence of the dignified guests and service-centered minds of student cadets. Bhavans Service Scheme had seen its advent in the year 2005 which was envisaged and executed by our beloved Chairman – Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon, and it turned a marvelous move for Bhavan’s SIS to have its own in the premises. The intention of this scheme has always been the service rendered through selfless means. The inaugural day was graced by the Chief Guest –  H.E. Dr. Shamir Ally – Ambassador of Guyana to Kuwait, Guest of Honour –  Dr. Maryann Renee Beebe-Ally – Marketing Director, Guyanna Embassy in Kuwait, Principal, IES – Mr. T. Premkumar, the school Principal – Mr. Mahesh Iyer, and Vice-Principal – Ms. Albin Daisy.

The program began with the Kuwait National Anthem followed by the recital of Holy Quran and the school anthem. The valiant student cadets adorned the auditorium with their majestic parade of walk down the aisle to take up their prestigious titles. The cadets whose heads held high projected themselves with responsibility and dutifulness to take up the tasks which they were entitled to in the upcoming years. Each and every cadet was conferred with the title and their outstanding achievements were also read out to manifest each cadet’s success on the eventful day. The parents were taken aback at the achievements of their own kids and as the guests on the dais congratulated each cadet for the same. The speeches given by the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour touched on an impactful message to be helpful and kind to fellow human beings. The service rendered must come from within and it should sprout from an unbiased heart. The message they gave away was so practical and it certainly inspired the attendees.

The sign of love and gratitude was shown to them in the form of mementos which were handed over by the school Principal with his wonderful words of felicitation. A glimpse of awe-striking drill was performed by the senior cadets to display their methodic spirit in their skill. The memory to cherish this inaugural day was remembered in the manner of photo session that included shining cadets and their energetic staff from Physical Education department. Thus, this day of BSS emergence came to a close with the Indian National Anthem followed by the sharing of sweets.


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