Amity’s Perks of Online Courses at Bhavan’s SIS

Amity University, one of the Asia’s topmost institutions which is prestigiously known to offer world class education by integrating London curriculum, had its one-day orientation in Smart Indian School auditorium.

Bhavans in association with Amity conducted a day’s orientation which remained a massive eye-opener for the attendees. The program saw the presence of Bhavans Middle East Chairman – Mr. N. K. Ramachandran Menon, the school Principal – Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Vice Principals of IES and SIS, KG Supervisor, staff of IES and SIS and parents. The day was kicked off with a warm welcome addressed to the gathering by a KG staff Ms.Rekha Jaipal. The session was headed by the Amity University representative – Mr. Abhishek Singh who started off his presentation with motivating tales of studying online courses. The requirement and expectation were put together so well that the persuasive talk of the speaker prompted attendees to clarify their queries. The courses offered by the world class university were elaborately explained with their plethora of features combined with the visionary goals which are set to be done in systematic manner.

The staff were energetic in getting their individual preferences stated and queries cleared in this session. The concomitant and versatile spontaneity in raising queries had really made the speaker to appreciate the far-reaching vision of each staff in Bhavans. The session also paved way to raise pedagogical supportive system of assessing teachers, exploring the unexplored arenas like doctorate courses and many more in line. The courses that University offers are eminently designed and achieves scalable measure on the grounds of academics and career. The speaker concluded by ensuring a placement panel which would definitely make the enrollers to turn as entrepreneurs in their respective field. SIS’ hospitality was extended to the speaker with a memento. The session came to its end with the vote of thanks by an English faculty Mr.Jonas  followed by the memory to set behind the frame.


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