Smart Indian School’s yoga session Caves in Concord

To disseminate the part of curriculum under CSBE through yoga and to improvise the mental and physical stability of the students, Bhavan’s Smart Indian School yielded a productive event by gathering students along with the teachers in an expansive hall to celebrate the International Yoga Day. The event was publicized prior to its conduct and the students willingly and anticipatorily joined the healthy and amicable scenario with all delight, regard and curiosity. The mega day was hosted by an eminent yoga instructor, Mr. Muthu,Founder of Qatar SKY(Simplified Kundalini Yoga) and the current Coordinator for Qatar and Kuwait, to shepherd the students in the correct ways of meditation. Speaking on yoga and placing it on a high pedestal, the chief guest emphasized on the transformation it brings in the eyes of the beholders.

In yet another session with the teachers, the school Principal, Mr. Mahesh Iyer demonstrated the asanas such as Pranayama (breathing exercise), eye exercise, Trikonasana, Tadasana, Surynamaskar and many more with an intention to exhort teachers in integrating these valuable exercises in their daily life. The teachers were equally motivated to practice those postures for their betterment and to visualize transitional traits in their approach towards students. The session had certainly strengthened them with the guidelines of success. The gathering was enlightened on the blissful characteristics that one inherits through yoga like a kind & sensitive heart, the will to do wonders and to strive for the newness within.




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