Bhavan’s SIS’ futuristic vision on Environment Day

Bhavan’s Smart Indian School remembered Environment Day and conducted many activities to honour, preserve and practicalize the theme of ‘Protecting the Environment’ on the school premises. The day started off with the scenario that called for the visibility of greenish shades everywhere. The teachers were cladded in green to indicate and advocate the notion to represent nature. The students from the Primary section were encouraged to bring small plants in the bottles to unite their activity with environment friendly atmosphere. The cheerful and bubbling students bustled the campus with the tiny pots of vegetation in their hands to surround the campus with a fresh aura of Almighty’s handiwork. A photo session was arranged which included the teachers and students of primary wing with their natural creations.

The activities in the Middle and Secondary were even more fascinating that they included innovative and inspiring messages to persuade others with their creations. Grade 5 involved themselves in bottle painting to represent re-usability. The campus was filled with catchy and motivating placards of grade 6 that dealt with the theme on ‘Beat Air Pollution’. The natural cutlery was created using biodegradable materials in the form of bowls and spoons and thereby the students relished the nature’s taste. Grade 8 was engaged in compost making and they made biodegradable materials ready to be used in kitchen garden. An invigorating creation was displayed by the students of grade 9 in the school entrance which signified posthuman inhaling the last drop of air which would be made available in posterity. This mannequin nightmare which might be made possible if proper care and concern are deprived towards Mother Earth swept a great level of awareness amongst students. The much awaited highlight of the day was when the BSS students were geared up to clean the open  playground by picking out  the waste materials. The senior most students planted saplings to arouse the need for afforestation and reforestation and to rebuff deforestation. The day was indeed a day to hail and exalt the perpetual giver, The Mother Earth in different forms.


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