Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated Universal Children’s Day on 20 November 2019. Ordinary life pattern of students was dismantled and turned important and special by the extraordinary celebration given away by the staff of the school for their special day.The ambience of the school turned exuberant when the happiest souls of the educational realm beamed with the shades of eye-catching colours. The laughter and energy that those motley attire brought forth overwhelmed the entire day, all throughout the program and settled happiness and contentment for both students and staff.

This golden day of commemoration was celebrated separately by the KG wing, Pre-primary and a combination of Primary, Middle and Secondary wings. Each team strived to bring out the best that they could contribute to the happiness of children. All three celebrations were graced by the Principal of SIS – Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Vice Principal – Ms. Albin Daisy and KG Supervisor – Ms. Rajni Menon.  The programme commenced by the ceremonial lighting of the lamp  by the prefects of various grades to mark the importance  and  special significance of the day. The teachers of the KG wing rocked the stage by performing a power-packed performance and it was truly enjoyed by the tiny tots of the school. The shrill scream rent the air when the dancers took over the stage. Pre-primary section witnessed a joyous time to see their own lovely teachers offering various entertainments which were much opposed to how they see them in the class.The culmination of dance, skit and songs heightened the enjoyment of the students and left them wishing to get many more days like this.

The Primary, Middle and Secondary wings of the school amassed a great admiration among the students as the program given by the teachers turned orphic to the beholders. The special assembly started with the verses from the Holy Quran followed by the other beautiful sessions which contained invocation song, group song, hilarious skit by the Arabic department, group dance and the song rendition by the Principal along with the music department. The speech inspired the students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

The day indeed fetched a memorable moments spent in the company of creative and friendly teachers.


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