The Kindergarten Wing of Bhavans Smart Indian School organized a picnic for the students of Pre-KG, KG1 and KG2 on 28th November 2019. The venue for this year’s picnic was Hawally Park, which is one among the popular amusement parks in Kuwait.

The enthusiasm and excitement were built up amongst the students leading up to the day by the teachers and parents as they informed the students about the different rides that they would experience during the trip to the park.

The students showed up in their uniforms filled with eagerness and bubbling with energy as they waited to board their buses from the school which would take them to the park. Once they reached the park, they were alighted from the bus and instructed to form queues to enter into the park.

The entrance of the park was shaped like a castle. Once they entered the park, they were taken in awe by the number of different rides that were present in the park for their leisure. The children took turns to sit in all the rides and enjoyed them. Some of the major attractions included – Bumper cars, small train ride, the skyscraper jungle, horse merry go round, car ride, crazy dance and many more.

At the end of the day, the kids were thrilled by all the rides that they enjoyed. Hawally Park left the kids with lasting moments to cherish and filled the students with fun and happiness and a lifetime of memories.  This trip had also paved way to hold a session on the children’s experiences during the picnic.


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