Fancy Dress Competition was held in Bhavans Smart Indian School, Kuwait for the Pre-KG, KG1 and KG2 from 12th  November 2019 to 24th  November 2019. Two classes were assigned for each day to carry out this marvelous presentation.

The kids marched in the campus decked up in their attire. They were bubbling with energy as they made their way in with their costumes. The kids waited anxiously for their turn to perform on stage, rehearsing their lines and adjusting their outfits.

The themes were informed to the students well in advance to prepare well for the competition. There were a wide variety of themes provided. The kids were dressed up as various famous personalities like Narendra Modi, Bhagat Singh and Rani Lakshmi Bai. Further, they were also dressed up as popular pop culture icons like singers and actors such as Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar. There were also other various themes on display like daily life objects, nature, fairy tale characters, aquatic animals, community helpers, food items, cultures of the world etc. Some of the prominent costumes were – Mountain, tree, Disney characters, policeman, firefighter, famous monuments like Christ the Redeemer and Statue of Liberty and many more. Various countries and their cultures were also represented on that day with their traditional attires. The students and their parents displayed extraordinary creativity in bringing the character or object portrayed, come alive.

Each of the tiny tots got a chance to express themselves on the stage. They were elegant in their delivery and  performed their parts wholeheartedly. The judging panel used various criteria like costume creativity, confidence and presentation. The audience were left astounded by the immense talent portrayed by the kindergarten students and their confidence and creativity left everyone in awe. The judges had a difficult task in choosing the winners as all the little ones performed well.

The jubilant parents who participated in the competition as judges were felicitated by the management. The parents also praised the untiring support rendered by the teachers and attributed the success of each child to the teachers, as such competitions are conducted throughout the academic lives of these students to prepare them  to be confident  and give them stage presence.


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