हिंदी हृदय की भाषा है, सबसे प्यारी, सबसे न्यारी|

Smart Indian School is committed to promote Hindi language among the children. Every year various competitions are conducted to give the platform to all the children to showcase their linguistic talent in Hindi. The grand finale of this competition was held on 04th June. Eight schools of Bhavans Middle East had participated, and it included 32 participants. The event took place on SIS Zoom Auditorium and was conducted in the presence of our honourable judges, Dr. Hema Nalini Swami, Dr. Aruna Sharma, Ms. Shivangi Manu and Ms. Vibhuti Duggar. The Hindi department took the initiative to make it a grand success.

As beauty is the realm of poetry, children enjoyed the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, rhythm and music of words. Taking all these facts into consideration, children got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. The competition inspired the participants to come forward and recite on stage. The children came up with different poems on a variety of themes and recited them with great fervour and enthusiasm. The contestants were from all the respective four categories.

At the end of the event Principal Mr. Mahesh Iyer gave a speech in Hindi and motivated the students to participate in such competitions. The final judgment was made by the panel of judges. The judges also expressed their happiness after which the results were announced category wise. It was a joyful moment for the school to hold three positions by Smriti, Sara, and Vedanshi in three different categories. The performance of the participants was appreciated and applauded by one and all.


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