‘The future depends on what you do today’ – Mahatma Gandhi

A talk on Career guidance on ‘Stream Selection’ for grades 9 & 10 students and ‘Higher Studies’ for grade 12 students was organized at Smart Indian School Kuwait under the aegis of its chairman Mr. N. K Ramachandran Menon, initiative of Mr. Mahesh Iyer -Principal, support of Ms. Albin Daisy -Vice Principal & Ms. Rajni Menon-KG Supervisor. The session was coordinated by Ms. Anju Jacob -School Counselor on 20th June 2022. Ms. Alka Kumra and Ms. Rajni Verma – Career coaches associated with Accelmorcareers India served as the resource persons for the programme.

In the Welcome note, Ms. Anju indicated the essence of career guidance as a comprehensive, developmental aspect designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices and urged the students to derive maximum benefit of the session exclusively planned bearing in mind their future benefit and prospects. Alina Maria a student of Grade 10 introduced the resource persons.

In the session planned for grade 9 & 10 students, Ms. Alka inspired the young minds with a detailed discussion of the ample opportunities and career options they can choose from Science, Commerce and Arts along with the possible different subject combinations available in grade 11. She illustrated subject choice suitability, willingness, aptitude along with interest, self-potential, and understanding career development are expected to support individual career success. Furthermore Ms. Rajni listed the core subjects along with the optional subjects a student can choose in higher grades and the most demanding career options available for such courses. She also elucidated the trending jobs and the essential qualification required for the same. The students were requested to think on a broad bases rather than still following the conventional method of choosing subjects and never to get misguided by media which often portrays certain jobs related to a particular qualification as least employed. She emphasized if one is excellent in the chosen subject they can outshine in their professional life and lead a comfortable stress-free life. The session concluded with a thankful note by Ashwanth – Head Boy from grade 10.

The much-awaited session for the senior students commenced at 5p.m. Geoffrey of grade 12 extended a cordial welcome to the resource persons. In the session Ms. Alka and Ms. Rajni explained in detail the various courses a student can choose after completing grade 12. They provided valuable insight to the parents of the required time to enroll and the procedure to be followed while applying for an under-graduation study. The team explained the different courses students can choose in India and abroad with the necessary requirements. Also, the mandatory entrance tests and the language requirements of different countries were explained to the best satisfaction of parents and students. The students were also encouraged to take up a Psychometric test that should serve the purpose of knowing their strengths and weaknesses and enable them to pursue their career with ease. The team clarified the questions pertaining to subjects and courses raised by the students and parents distinctly and assured academic related support at any time for the benefit of the students.

Mr. Mahesh Iyer- Principal and Ms. Albin Daisy- Vice Principal thanked the team for their efficiency in conducting a fruitful session which had paved the way for students to think and make wise decisions in future. The resource persons were felicitated with certificates and mementos as token of appreciation and gratitude.

The session concluded with a positive note and appreciation of parents who thanked the school management for having initiated a useful session of great benefit for the students.


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