Bhavans Smart Indian School organized and conducted its lavish and grand Fancy dress competition on 28th, 29th and 30th October 2018 for grade 1 in the school auditorium. The display was thoroughly an amalgamation of parents’ enthusiasm, children’s scintillating impersonations and teachers’ tremendous support in making it possible on stage. The theme for the fancy dress had been the portrayal of the perpetually admired characters from fairy tales. The enlivened moments on stage reflected their abilities to sink into the impersonation they had come prepared for. The gory and glorious costume of the characters, galvanizing expression, authoritative modulation and resurrected moments of the personas made the gathering to marvel at such talents on stage. The highlights of the days were Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Ariel, Princess Aurora, Mother Goose, Gothel, Merida, Belle and much more. The competition saw the students transforming into a parade of show-stoppers on stage to turn the audience look in awe into each of their performance. The parents’ were also an added factor to invest encouragement and cheering for the children to do in this magnificent manner. The time also saw the teachers boosting up the reluctant ones to come forward with few lines to present in front of the crowd. The opportunity garnered a huge source of aspiration for the brilliant kids and the motivating moment for the kids who were hesitant to help themselves. The first three positions were awarded to each class and they had their group photos done with Principal and Vice-Principal. The school Principal felicitated and kindled the desire in children to continue presenting at all times.

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