Bhavans Smart Indian School unveiled the fest and an exclusive day with its festive celebration on 7th November, 2018 in school premises. The day was proud to launch its reflection on the true essence of Diwali which epitomizes illumination, brilliance and goodness. The festive mood of the season culminated in colorful outfits, stunning performances, vivid decoration and fabulous exchanges of greetings. The elegance and beauty of the special day were flaunted by the sheeny students of the school, The Kindergartner by creating the lanterns to signify the new start of life in the form of row of lights. They were enlightened on the significance of the festival. The day was also led by the students of grades 2, 3 and 7 by rendering special class program. The festive mood was rightly set in the air as each class displayed the arrays of light and beauty through their performances. Cladded in lustrous attire and decked with colorful lights all around the auditorium invited a keen attention and happiness towards the proceedings of the programs. The students of grade 2 with all delight and jollity showcased the reason behind Diwali that amounts to the wingding of five days. The energetic boys displayed the safety measures imposed on a safe celebration of the day through their narrations. The students of grade 3 enthralled the audience by their diyas song and stretched out the message of Diwali through an impactful mime. The upper graders of class 7 mesmerized the gathering through comprehensive mime and spellbinding dance as the diyas were lit all through the time to lift them up with the feastful mood. The school Principal, Mr. Mahesh Iyer showered the words of blessings and wished one and all with renewed start and prosperity.

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