The Kindergarten wing of Bhavans Smart Indian School esteemed and commemorated the inundated side that befell Kerala in the form of rightful tribute paid through their solidarity on 31st October, 2018 in the school auditorium. The beacon that stood upright for several decades in terms of various aspects like social advancements and tourist destination had taken a saddened side in the aftermath of deluge. The endearing name rendered to the state as “God’s own Country” was highlighted to remember the glories the state had. The gifted toddlers of KG wing stretched a massive remembrance by conducting a special assembly to observe ‘Kerala Piravi’, the birth of Indian state of Kerala in 1956. The main motive of this celebration was to express solidarity with the victims of the flood in Kerala. The weeklong torrent of water resulted in the destruction of all the fundamental necessities in everyday living. The cloud-bursts had culminated in the outburst of many lives of the state. The children with the true empathetic hearts demonstrated the saddened lives of the people in the form of enactment.  The special assembly that made children to be proxim with the ones who lost lives in an unprecedented calamity moved the audience to the valley of empathy through the depiction of skit. The usual protocol of assembly was followed with the narration of their trips to Kerala. The memories of the people in crisis had also haunted them. The assembly also stressed on the damages that accentuated the facile flow of life in the state and remembered the thousands of people in plight. The students offered their salute and paid respect to the resilient spirit that activated the lives of many Keralites to withstand the blows they faced. The children in their loving innocence had learnt a great deal about Kerala and the earnest endeavors of the people to uplift themselves from the state of abrupt disaster.

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