Bhavan’s SIS stands for Earth Day

Bhavan’s Smart Indian School observed Earth Day and celebrated its importance through various activities. The significance of protecting our environment and species was carried out wonderfully by the students of grades 1 to 9.The activities done by the smart students were executed in accordance with this year’s theme ‘Protecting our Species’. The necessity to protect endangered species and the need to educate everyone to safeguard nature’s gifts were stressed to the students. The energetic students of grades 1 and 2 coloured the picture depicting the theme which were then stuck on the bulletin boards to enhance the motif of the day. A Special assembly was conducted for grades 3 to 5 where the session culminated in skit, songs and dance. The theme was interestingly brought out by the students of grade 5 through a dance. The shiny green attire of the students enhanced the aura and created the perfect ambience. The skit portrayed the message on saving trees through the famous story of Amrita. The school Vice Principal Ms. Albin Daisy concluded the special assembly by encouraging the students not to harm the mother earth which is a precious gift given to the humanity by the Almighty and share the resources with the less privileged. The middle and secondary wings of the school marked this notable day by planting saplings to advocate afforestation. Their activity stressed on ecological balance and then they had an enlightening session by their Science teachers. The first sapling was planted by the Principal Mr. Mahesh Iyer which gave way for the nature admirers to plant more saplings with earnestness and interest. Thus with full support for nature and voicing out to go green the day came to an end.

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Remya Rajith