Bhavan’s SIS heralds the New Year by celebrating Vishu

Vishu – the festival of joy and prosperity of the Indian state of Kerala was celebrated with pomp and show by the staff on 20th April, 2019. It is the festival which remembers the first day in Malayalam calendar. It is celebrated for its mark of the New Year. The management showed vigor and cheer in celebrating Vishu with all its staff irrespective of regions. The day of celebrating Vishu saw the teachers dressed up in beautiful Kerala saree that beautified the ambience and set the day for further celebrations. The teachers were asked to prepare the delicious dishes that constituted this special occasion’s meal which is called ‘sadhya’. The energetic and smart staff showed oneness in preparing different varieties which was served in a plantain leaf. The auspicious practice of receiving coins from the elderly person took place where the school Principal came forward to give ‘Kaineetam’ to all the staff. Everyone felt blessed and was content to receive the handsel. This was followed by the much-awaited appetizing meal. The teachers took turns to serve each other. Everyone relished and enjoyed the serving as well as the time of togetherness. The delectable food and amazing togetherness had come to an end with a note of thanks to the management.      

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Remya Rajith