Bhavan’s SIS Election Day

Bhavan’s Smart Indian School conducted Students’ election this year on 15th April, 2019 on the school premises. The election was held to make the students aware of the voting system at an early age. The aim of this election was also to enlighten the children about the way a representative is chosen in a democratic way. The election was carried out in a systematic and methodic manner under the brilliant guidance of the Election Commissioner, Mr. Jai Thomas who is also the Head of the Department of Social Studies. The instructions and preparation had begun two weeks ago and the canvassing had been going on since the dates for the election were announced. The days drenched the students with earnestness and excitement starting from issuance of nomination forms till the declaration of result. The student candidates were enthusiastic in undergoing the screening. Their hard work and determination were seen during the screening. The days that followed screening consisted of campaigning and canvassing for the election. The tireless children with an aim to raise their banter high were occupied in all possible ways to promote their nominated candidates. The students showed eagerness and expressed their wish to see their nominees as winners in the election. The much-awaited general election day saw the students who couldn’t hold their joy in casting votes and choosing their leaders. The real moment of casting votes in ballots gave an indescribable feel to all the students. The arrangements done in a separate room for voting resembled a real-life scenario of dropping votes in the polling booths. The results of the position such as Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports Captain, Cultural Secretary and student editors were announced during the mass assembly. The elected Head Boy and Head girl expressed their gratitude to the students and the school management for the untiring support to make this day possible. The joy of success knew no bounds for the leaders as well as the voters. The long-awaited quest to know new leaders had thus come to an end.

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Remya Rajith