Bhavans Desert Camping at Wafra

On 11th April, 2019 the nature lovers of Bhavans Service Scheme(BSS) started off for their first ever Desert Camping to Wafra Farm which is 110km away from the school. This new camping consisted of a handful of energetic cadets along with the Physical Education staff of IES and SIS. This novel launch to equip children to face challenges has taken its mark under the initiation and able guidance envisaged by the Head of the Physical EducationDepartment, Mr. Murugaiyan. The students had come cheerfully prepared with all that was required for the stay.The efficient team had taken a good look at the layout of the day’s activities and agenda to ensure the campersa memorable camping. The camping was decided for a day starting from 11th April and it lasted till the evening of 12th April. The students set off to Wafra from school at 2.30p.m and reached the amazing and long-awaited destination at 5.30p.m. The chilled evening was turned warm with a hot cup of tea and playtime followed by mouth-watering barbecue food.The campfire was one of the greatest joys among the students as it gave a special outdoor experience. The dawn of 12th April witnessed the enthusiastic students setting themselves to do road running and jogging which rejuvenated their energy and prepared them for the day’s tasks. Sumptuous and delightful meals showed the time of togetherness which ended in sharing their experiences. The interesting part of the day turned out to be the tree planting where the young hands participated in planting saplings in various corners on the premises. This act certainly helped them to get enlightened on the necessity of afforestation.Signs of having had a fruitful experience at the camp was visible on their faces on their return journey. Parents who had come to school to pick their wards up thanked the management for having arranged an enriching experience for their wards. The team of students along with the PE teachers wholeheartedly thanked the management for this fruitful venture which is an unique and distinct feature of Bhavans Kuwait.  

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Remya Rajith