To raise the status and to improve the welfare of animals, the Kindergarten Wing of Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated the Animal Day on 15th October 2020. Building the celebration of Animal Day was to increase the awareness and education about the animal rights and welfare among the young kindergarteners.

         The young learners explored the different kinds of animals, their homes, their young ones etc. The kindergarteners were explained about the endangered species and were told the importance of saving the existing animals. This discussion with the young minds helped them to learn about respecting the world around them and the creatures in it as well. This gave the children an opportunity to further understand the world, which is an essential part of Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

       The discussion also gave the kindergarteners the exposure to improve their oratory skills while talking about their experiences with animals at home such as pets or animals that they see in the garden or zoo. The children also enjoyed the making of the beautiful animal masks with their craft supplies. They wore their mask with great joy and pride.

        The mission of the day was to celebrate the bond that human being share with animals and to show the ways in which they enhance their lives.


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