The great man who is better known to be the disseminator of non-violence was born on 2nd October and his birth anniversary also marks the Day of Non-violence constituted by the UN General Assembly. This special day was commemorated by Bhavans Smart Indian School in the virtual mode to honour and pay respect to the great architect behind many unparalleled movements that changed the entire course of Indian history. His simplicity, perseverance, truthfulness and, peace stood the test of time and overthrew many practices within and without. His soul-stirring speeches and self-reliant ability made him so unique and exceptional to the millions around the world. The two appealing principles like unity and resistance engineered through his self-practice gained a colossal momentum in the minds of the people.

In respect to pour due honour to this great patriot, the school conducted activities to enlighten the children’s minds towards this important personality.

The tiny tots of Kindergarten looked engrossed as they took time to listen to some of the lifetime stories of Gandhiji. This made them understand the importance of “Honesty is the best policy”, as Gandhiji always stood by the truth. The highlight of the day was when the kids were taught the importance of Khadi and the way they made Charkha using simple tooth pricks and buttons as the day’s activity. The kindergarteners enjoyed doing the activity and the day ended by posing off with their Charkas for a photo click and many values as the takeaways from the Story of Bapuji.

The students of the Primary Section had an illuminating time by doing these activities. Their short adorable speeches and the craftworks portraying the theme of the day were astounding. The interest which pulled them closer to the perfection in all the activities was an admirable sight to see. A video on the life journey of Mahatma Gandhi was also shown to make them learn about the treasure and beauty present in this great person’s life.

The students of the Middle and Senior Wings also made posters to celebrate the day of remembrance. It was effectively carried out by the Department of Social Studies. The quotes, pictures and slogans centering on the amazing journey of Gandhiji were made to highlight the specialty of the day. The speeches given by the students and the information passed on by the teachers provided a new session to reminisce the efforts of the great past. Thus the day was really spent well by understanding the precious treasure of the past.


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