Paper Bag Day was celebrated on 22nd October by the Kindergartners of Bhavans Smart Indian School. The echoing mottos such as ‘No to Plastics’, ‘Go Green’ and ‘No Pollution’ were heard and seen everywhere on this day. The idea to ‘Think Green and Go Green’ presided the day’s thoughts and activities.

Plastic bags have become an integral part and a natural choice of everyone’s life due to its multipurpose usage. However, its convenience comes with significant drawbacks, and one of its biggest drawbacks is its pollution, creating havoc on the planet globally. Plastic bags in the water may get wrapped around marine animals and also sea turtles sometimes swallow plastic bags because they resemble jellyfish and this causes the animals to suffocate or starve to death. As a result, plastic bags have led to a great increase severity towards the environment.

The kids thoroughly understood the importance of paper bags and the effects of using plastics by watching a video on the hazards of plastics. Later, they learnt how to make paper bag using colorful paper sheets. The kids also stood to pledge the following worth remembering lines.

They pledged to pick up plastics that litter their surroundings. They pledged by saying ‘No’ to disposable plastics and ‘Yes’ to recyclable bags. They also pledged to strive cultivating eco-friendly habits and saying ‘No to plastics’ at all times. The kids later posed off for a photo click with their colorful paper bags at the end of the day. With these three oaths swore by the kids, the day ended with a delightful and thoughtful note on the meaningful celebration of the day.


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