Bhavan’s SIS unifies Vishu Sadhya in diversity

Vishu Sadhya that typically falls in the middle of April had its customary manner of celebration in the premises of Smart Indian School on 21st April, 2018. This display of celebration upheld to be the traditional feast of Kerala, India saw its festivity gearing up high among observers. The staff’s overwhelming enthusiasm in the preparation of all the dishes and delicacies that this grand day had kept alive till date was an ornamentation to the long-established feast. The day kicked off with the staff cladded in the traditional attire that lead to a celebration centric mode in the minds of attendees. The school Principal, Mr. Mahesh Iyer offered each one with a blessing “Vishu Kaineetam” that witnessed the teachers prostrating and accepting the words of goodwill and prosperity in all reverence. The best part of servitude was the food that positioned in beeline order to instill and revive the true spirit of togetherness and family bonding even under the domain of professionalism. The gatherers also included the non-teaching fraternity who felt really content in being served in midst of diverse nationals and states. This oneness paved way to get acquainted with each other’s culture and tradition and to share happiness and esteem them high as the way each does for themselves. Thus the day contained the huge occasion of magnificent festive in the name of tradition.    

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