Celebrating the Kindergarten’s Day at Bhavans SIS with a Profound Impact

Kindergarten is the first concept of school a child always experiences. Kindergarten education helps children perceive school learning environment as fun and it  focuses on creative and interesting ways to explain letters, numbers and nature. The children of Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated the National Kindergarten Day on 19th April honoring the founder of kindergarten, Friedrich Frobel who developed the concept allowing the transition from home to school for children easy. The teachers explained the significance of the day by making the children understand the necessity of play which  kindles their minds with curiosity towards self exploration. Play-centered activities was the theme of the day as it motivated the children in self-developing of several skills. The kindergarten at Bhavans SIS is directed towards providing opportunities towards learning and engaging themselves socially and be prepared for the years of schooling that’s to come.

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Remya Rajith