Bhavans Smart Indian School Kuwait yet again manifests that it stands strong on the path of enhancing students’ knowledge by taking up the opportunity of visiting the Indian Naval Ships. On 6th October, 2022, 12th graders, along with the school head girl and head boy, were taken to the Kuwait Shuwaikh Port to visit the prestigious Indian Naval Ships. The students were accompained by Mr. Victor, Mr. Gamel and Mrs. Anju for better guidance.

There were three naval ships, INS TIR, INS SUJATA and Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) SARATHI. The students were given a tour of INS TIR which is the first dedicated training ship. To begin with the exhilarating trip, the students were welcomed with a Navy salute by the officials on the ship. Initially the students were given proper instructions by the Navy officials for safety purposes. They were then breifed upon different areas of the ship by the officials as a part of the tour.

The students got to know about the lives of the navy officials on board. The officials were open to queries and dealt patiently with the students. On the ship they had food and water in stock. It also had cannons that were used to salute senior ships and for ceremonial purposes. There was an armed region where the students were not allowed. The ship is designed to carry one twin engine light helicopter and five speed boats. And it is also protected from corrosion. Along with the talks about the ship, the navy officials alslo shed light on the educational aspect and elucidated how the intrested students can step into this daring field.

The school is grateful to the Indian Ambessy and the Navy officials for this precious opportunity. The students also extend their gratitude towards the Principal Mr. Mahesh Iyer and Vice Principal Mrs. Albin Daisy for their consistent encouragement and their potent support. Undeniably this enriching trip is added to the list of memorable experiences for the students and will continue to motivate them in their later times of life.


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