Bhavans Smart Indian School, Kuwait places great importance in the holistic development of its students. Aligned with ensuring academic progress, the students are exposed to value-based lessons where they explore and practice principles like cooperation, honesty, humanitarianism, loyalty, kindness, integrity and utilize opportunities to express their views. In this regard, students (girls) of grades 10 and 12 accompanied by the Vice-Principal Ms. Albin Daisy, Administrative Manager Ms. Amira Goda Bendary, School Counselor Ms. Anju Jacob and Arabic teacher Ms. Asmaa Desouky visited Al Jaber a school which caters to the well-being of children in need on 10th October 2022 as part of ‘World Mental Health Day’ for a duration of 90 minutes. The purpose of the visit was to embed self-belief and positivity in students, as it is imperative that they reflect and connect to the potential to achieve their goals and to encourage them to create a culture of gratitude, empathy and be thankful for what they have and appreciate the world around them.

Since Al Jaber aims at enhancing the lives of those with special needs, the 10th and 12th graders were informed to strictly follow the instructions of the teachers. Starting from a warm introduction to the school, the twenty students from grades 10 and 12 were divided into four groups and were allotted to separate classes. The students then proceeded with various activities for the children. From origami to singing and dancing and many other things  in between, whereby the students and children strived to enjoy each moment. Moving onto another activity, the students prepared few pictures for the children to color. The students also brought few indoor games like wooden tower stacking. The children were intrigued in building new patterns. But surely the most favorite activity for the children was playing with bubbles and balloons. To add up to their enjoyment the students sang and danced, and the children joined them. All the activities were conducted cautiously under the supervision of trained teachers. The students gave the children cards that they prepared and bid their goodbye. The students received certificates acknowledged by both the school heads as a token of appreciation and recognition for their work.

Furthermore, the 12th graders of the psychology department along with the school counselor, Ms. Anju did their awareness programme for higher grade students at Smart Indian School, supported by Vice-principal Ms. Albin Daisy, CBSE Wing. Geoffrey, who   was the speaker, stressed upon the term “mental health” and provided various coping mechanisms for the improvement of one’s psychological state. The students of psychology department successfully concluded their awareness programme for the day with the IGCSE students in the presence of their Vice-principal Ms. Bhavitha Bright where Neha was the speaker. In the session it was noticed that different students had different definitions for happiness and mental health. But this awareness programme helped them develop a better understanding for these terms. The presentation was done in such a way that everyone could understand. The teachers also acknowledged the hard work of the students and appreciated them. The psychology students at Smart Indian School, Kuwait were delighted for the wonderful day.


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