Stories and props have the effect to sparkle little mind’s imagination and there’s nothing like narrating stories to instil the art of story narration in the nurturing minds. Grade 2 students of Bhavan’s Smart Indian School excelled in this task of storytelling for the given theme of this year. The theme taken to explore their storytellers in them was ‘Wonders of the World’. Wonders around the world always remain a wonder for the specialty of architecture and history. In this manner, the art of narration of our efficient children remained a wonder through their dexterity, precision and style of description.

This unique platform has always helped children to gain confidence in speaking.Students carried their props to tell about the topic they have come prepared. Topics ranged from The Taj Mahal to Pizza House. The efficient students were fascinated with the idea of telling stories using pictures and they narrated it skilfully. The teachers were spellbound by the talent and ability of the little ones.


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