Friends share all our ups and downs in life. Friendship is a band which ties two souls together. Friendship starts even before we enter the world and it starts in our mother’s womb. And there is something about childhood friendship that just can’t replace. To plant the lovely flowers of friendship in the garden of tiny tots’ life, the Kindergarten wing of Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated Friendship Day on 5th November 2020.

           In tune with the spirit of the occasion, the young learners dedicated Friendship Day festival to their best friends. They came forward and shared a few lines about their best friends and their friendship. They enjoyed watching and listening to a short story presentation on TRUE FRIENDSHIP. The kids had successfully delivered the moral through the story “Real friends always help each other no matter what the situation is.”

           The noble idea of honouring friends and friendship had really caught on to the kindergarteners and one could see the festival being enthusiastically celebrated by the children. They also made Friendship Day Cards to thank their friends for their wonderful presence in their life. This strengthened their bond of affection.

          The day ended with fun-frolic, happy and positive aura. It was a very joyful occasion. It made kids realize the importance of friendship in their life.


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