‘Children come to school with diverse background experiences. It is the stories we tell, the songs we sing and the traditions we build that bind the children together emotionally and intellectually, creating an optimal climate for learning, both social and academic’, echoes Kindergarten team.

Bringing a closure to yet another kindergarten year, Bhavans Smart Indian School lit in a festive ambience celebrating individual accomplishments and collective successes in the Annual Day and Graduation Ceremony, held in a three-day event in February 2020.

The ode of the aura reverberated in the realms of staggering miseen scene that brought to life the allegory of the cultural program inscribing the soul of the Motherland India into SHRESHTA BHARATAM.

The event began by igniting the flame of DeepaJyothi followed by a divergent presentation of the Annual Report introduced by the KG Supervisor Ms. Rajni Menon defining the progress of the early years learning programme of the K-wing for the termly year. The report was streamed in a motion of clippings of the entire year’s event including stage competitions, activities, and field trips capturing intense moments of learning and emotions evocated by the young kindergarteners.

The ceremony was attended by several Chief Guests, dignitaries and Bhavans management that included Principals of SIS Mr. Mahesh Iyer and IES Mr. Prem Kumar, Jack and Jill Ms. Rathi Raveendran, Vice Principals of SIS Ms. Albin Daisy and IES Ms. Lalitha, Ms. Jaemi, Ms. Meenakshi, Ms. Tessy, KG Supervisor of SIS Ms. Rajni Menon and IES Ms. Sushma Joe along with the Administrative Manager, Ms. Shaima Zaki and Mr. Mohammed Khamis, Manager Owner’s Office.

The student and parent audience accrued words of wisdom by the chief guest of each day who emphasized the importance of reading at an early age. Dr. Susuvana Nair advised the parent-teacher community on the importance of avoiding gadgets that are often given to children from a very tender age. Chief guest Miller Mayor brought a resilient aspect of life that is necessary to value the hardships of life. The wisdom of positive influence was compelled by the tactical chief guest of the last day Ms. Asha Sharma.

The graduating students of KG2 were honoured with inscribed scrolls and a memory folder proffered by the chief guests of the day while their teachers reminisced their journey of the first years of education.

The show-starrers of KG1 dazzled the assemblage of the parents and dignitaries with a fine rendition in the spirit of Indianism, celebrating the soul of India. The little executants arrayed a panorama of untouched lands of India, bringing a blend of the glory, uniqueness, the crownship, the marvel and magnificence, the talent and tranquility of India in Shreshta Bharatam.


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