Honoring and appreciating students for their talents have always been the motto and key focus of the school. With this as one of the goals, Bhavans Smart Indian School conducted an exclusive Annual Day for the grades 1 and 2 with pomp and show.The maiden theme of this new venture was the portrayal of the evolution of cinema in this fast-growing era of entertainment.Cinema as a tool has helped, shaped and given an unimaginable heights to many around us. Getting inspired and delving into many aspects of this media which garners great attention had been the theme of the day. The birth of cinema which had colourless picture and the range of present technology that merges animation and graphics were seen amazingly clear through the acts of the student performers.

The ceremonious time was graced by the honourable Chief Guest – Ms. Claire Hayden, CEO, COO, Global Operations, News Anchor and an expert in the knowledge on Middle East regions, Chairman of Bhavans Middle East – Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon, Principal of SIS – Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Vice Principal of SIS – Ms. Albin Daisy, KG Supervisor – Ms. Rajni Menon, teachers and parents. The program was led by the smart emcees who carried out the show in the most elegant manner. The tribute to the land we reside was rightly given through Kuwait National Anthem followed by the recital of the verses from the Holy Quran. A lovely pair of girls who read the welcome address extended due respect and greetings to all who were gathered there. Dance that unfurls the moves of expression was flaunted as a welcome dance and also as a tribute paid to the motherland. The Chief Guest whose presence filled an inspiring effect shared her words of wisdom to the budding minds.

The much-awaited entertainment christened as ‘ROLLING REELS’ kicked off with an astounding tribute rendered to the Indian Cinema.The lucrative industry that flourishes in the soil of India is not just a field that is born out of blue but the field that culminated endless hopes, dream, hard work, passion and zest in the hearts and minds of many who aspired for it. The students felt joyous and gave their tremendous participation with cheer and willingness for this Annual Day. The screen opened with the drama of the comic legend, Charlie Chaplain whose undisputed competence in the field of humour and jollity transferred a real impact on the kids who captivated the show by trying hard to imitate him.A duet dance that contained a combo of their resistible persona, Michael Jackson who left a legacy with his unsurpassed dance moves along with the famous pop singer Akon, gave a dance on friendship and togetherness. The wonderful kids dressed up in the trends from 60’s to 90’s flaunted on the stage to heighten their taste for fashion. Disco dance which inducted the first emergence of Indian Hindi cinema to the public forum was depicted by the super kids who ultimately looked ravishing in the aura that sparkled neon lights.

The singers of the Trapp family were enacted by the children to portray the beautiful picture of the family that spoke about their tuneful sounds of music. The beautiful kids also enthralled the audience with the life of joker from being a person who has to digress from self-importance to the one who has to entertain people. The famous superstars of 70’s in some of the chosen languages were showcased on stage bringing the feel to envelop a sense of majesty and splendor. The relentless and unstoppable success story of cinema from black & white to the creation that surpasses all understanding of this digital era was magnificently displayed to audience through the skilful acting of the amazing children.

The visual treat of an animated movie that carried the message of difference which one can show in the world along with the team spirit raised a special place of motivation and encouragement to all the viewers. The flabbergasted theme saw its end with the success party that talks about the inspiration and passion what one can get from watching these actors behind screens. The day ended with a note to admire and appreciate the work done in the entertainment industry. The theme truly drove audience as well as students to be active and energetic in the field that needs lots of exploration and innovation.

The maiden Annual Day ended by having the lovely children extending a thank you note to the gatherers. The dexterous talent of the kids proved well on this day.


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