Kuwait – the independent nation that is gracious to bestow wealth and liberation to many who come under its roof was honoured and celebrated for its matchless freedom that it cherishes in our educational centre, Bhavans Smart Indian School. The trio days that are celebrated in Kuwait with great fervor and festivity saw its vibrant celebration among the students and staff in the campus with life full of colour and glee. The students were drenched in the mesmerizing attires of Kuwait’s quartet colours adorning the campus with the mood that spread the happy wishes of liberation. The glittering vibes and scintillating music accompanied to the rejoicing of the day kept the aura with positivity and oneness.

The department of Arabic and Islamic Studies created this festive outlook and organized the marvellous session to share the delight in the celebration of the triumphant days of Kuwait. The grand day was graced by the school Principal – Mr. Mahesh Iyer,  Mr.Mohammad, Manager Owner’s Office, Mr.Murugaiyan, HOD- Physical Education Department, IES; the school Vice Principal – Ms. Albin Daisy,  Administrative Manager – Ms. Shaimaa Zaki. The program started with the  Kuwait National Anthem followed by the recital of the verses from the Holy Quran and English prayer. The emcees who lead the program rendered a warm welcome to the gathering. The presentation on the life before independence in Kuwait and the days when the people were liberated followed by the victory that they enjoyed in its aftermath was presented in the form of a dance drama. The colorful dances that encompass the rich and formidable culture of the Arab land instilled a true sense of joy in liberation.The skit that depicted the story of pre-independent and liberated Kuwait taught and reminded the lessons of valor and power. The entertainment was also extended to the student community with a thrilling DJ headed by the dance teacher of the school. Indeed the day was reverberated with the sounds of triumph and bliss.


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