The secret of getting ahead is getting started – Mark Twain

The students, parents and teachers of Bhavans Smart Indian School, Kuwait had the opportunity of part taking in an informative Career guidance session held in the school premises on 29th April 2023 at 9.00 a.m. The session was led by the eminent resource persons Ms. Sujata Vora, Company Director and Ms. Manju Bagyaraj, Assistant Student Placement from International Development Program, Kuwait. The essence of the session was to create awareness among the students and parents to take career related decisions.The session commenced with a welcome note by Ms. Karthiga Gopalgounder, Department of Computer Science in the esteemed presence of the Principal – Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Vice Principal – Ms. Albin Daisy, School Counselor – Ms. Anju Jacob and the Head of Departments.

Ms. Sujata emphasised the need to select subjects after grade 10 based on the interest and ability of the student and requested parents not to compel their child to choose subjects they feel difficult as it might affect their career prospects in the long run. She also explained in detail the pre-requisites for the Disciplines – Engineering, Medicine, Accountancy, Business Studies, Biotechnology, Cyber Security, Forensic, Robotics, Data Management, Food Science, Arts & Humanities, Information Technology, Computer Science etc. with relevance to its different kinds and the most demanding branch of it in future with due emphasis on career placement possibilities and study options after under-graduation. Further information regarding overseas study options, the proceedings before finalizing the destination and pre-requisite subjects for selected courses were explained. Her presentation was enhanced and made clear with supporting videos enabling the listeners gain more clarity of different subjects and plans ahead at this point rather than rushing towards the end without any clarity. Ms. Sujata clarified the queries raised by parents and assured cost -free support at any time for any academic related assistance. Her session was well appreciated by parents. The principal and Vice-principal honored them with a memento as a recognition   for their valuable time and effort taken. Overall, the programme helped the students and parents to have a better understanding of the opportunities they could benefit in future if they make a wise decision in choosing the right subjects after grade 10.


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