Bhavans Smart Indian School conducted English Extempore competition for grades 7 and 8 & 9 on 8th and 9th of October 2018 respectively in their own classes with vigor, enthusiasm and interest. The smart students of our school who always excel in having good command over language left nothing short of spectacular even in this platform for eloquence. The conduct of the competition was announced well in advance to the students. This motivated them to get prepared for it energetically. The two-day extempore competition for various grades filled the students with the excitement to compete, passion to speak and the urge to express newfangled ideas. The aim of this competition was to imbibe the art of pouring out words from the cloud of thoughts and to muster confidence in oratory. The judges did the judgment on the basis of content, expression, spontaneity and voice modulation. The varied topics were grouped under the titles such as – Kuwait – My Second Homeland, Gandhi – the Apostle of Peace, Global Warming, Plastics – a boon or bane and Influence of Social Media. The astounding speakers with clear content, exemplary expression, vociferous voice modulation and splendid spontaneity staged the time with passion and zest. The competition gave an opportunity to express the thoughts well and to manage their speech in the given time duration. The use of grammar and the presence of mind to present a delectable speech were also counted significant during the process of competition. The unscripted erudition for the given topics had impressed the judges and made them to applaud the pleasant performances. The position holders of all three grades were teemed with felicitation and encouragement. Mr. Mahesh Iyer, the Principal of the school boosted the students to enhance and enrich their caliber in all competitions.

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