Bhavans Smart Indian School acquired a novel phase by inaugurating its newest art of Filmmaking under Visual Art club, with celebration and dedication to the artistry that emanates entertainment, on 11th of October 2018. The chief guest Mr. Muthu, Founder of Qatar SKY and the current Coordinator for Qatar and Kuwait, the talented person, inaugurated the club with the much anticipated earnestness and adventurous spirits of students to work behind the screens. The tiny details that culminate the big picture in the filmmaking were taken as the core purpose to study the art extensively through this club. The collaborative work that each film director undertakes in the discrete processes of film making was emphasized during the speech. The new insights which are to be imbibed through this club included watching classic movies, conducting debates, study on the history of movies and review writing for films. The students were promised to be trained on the directorial career that comprises of directing movies, editing, script writing, theatre workshops, audio-video editing, making of effective PPT and teaching them the photographic lessons. The vision and mission of the newly inducted club was to kindle and refine the cinematic skills in them. It also assured to sow seeds for their love to enter into cinema and to spot the area where they are excellent in. This new club had garnered a huge acclamation among students as it will heighten their creativity and innovation. The recipient of Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, ‘Children of Heaven’ was premiered during the inauguration in honor of the club. The magical capture of the film is credited to Iranian director, Mr. Majid Majidi for having shot a realistic family drama that earned the worldwide attention for paving the perfect screen for children. The new club was also graced by the Principal, Vice-Principal and the Head of the Department of English. Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of the school poured the words of motivation by asking students to coalesce themselves with the longstanding tradition of artistry, The Filmmaking.

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