Bhavans Smart Indian School conducted and carried an important phase in the life of Kindergarten wing which is to make them enjoy reciting the rhyme with the rhythm on four consecutive days from 21st to 24th October, 2018 in the school auditorium. Rhymes play an integral part in a child’s empowerment of language. The pathway of articulation and sounding of syllables in each word carries a far-reaching message to strengthen each child’s language capability. Keeping this as an aim, the school paved a platform for the children to explore their brilliance and confidence through individual rhyme recitation. The toddlers had come prepared for rhymes with the cheer in heart, smile on their faces and power in words to manifest the skill that demands an outlet. The school had given such an opportunity to tiny tots in exhibiting their skill to flourish the poetry in them and to measure the scales of rhythm to heighten their musicality. The teachers, in perfect unison made the days to get it well organized with complete decorum. The competition reflected the well-built and improved vocabulary with the talent to enhance the kids’ listening as well as pre-reading skill. The days were indeed productive moments to cherish the happiness of learning rhymes.

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