After four renditions in the past years, Bhavans SIS’  Swarasnadhya, a musical extravaganza, continued to sway the singers and participants by amassing a  huge  participation from parents and teachers in Smart Indian School on 4th May 2018 in its own colossal auditorium. The extravagant occasion had its esteemed presence of our beloved Chairman – Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon, Mrs.Sudha Ramachandran and the school Principal-Mr. Mahesh Iyer. The musical evening drenched the attendees with an extravaganza of sheltering under the musical castle with the palatable feast for the ears to relish the pulsating and palpitating music. The hours gathered in the event brought forth the gratification of enjoying the music which trivial and familiar could get serenaded alike in the infinite mystery of sounds where the apprehension of lyrics and language fall short of. The music which epitomizes purity, reality, communication and healing had the magic to dust off the humdrum in every day’s life. The auditorium rocked and styled the different patterns of music by having the amazing and incredible parents on stage to be the host of that day’s stellar event. The singing and the enthusiasm led the spectators to feel the pounding of the new vibes and attractive beats generating an electrified musical experience. The music numbers had the combination of songs taken from all states of India to rightly call it a musical night that begotten a well-praised fantastic musical performances. The whole gatherers enjoyed the sweetness of meeting on this 5th rendition and joyful tears of farewell welled up with the thought to await till its next reunion. The assembly thanked the Chairman and the school Principal for convening this transcendent time and remembered the sweeter music and sweeter fellowship they created from its incredible inception.

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