The trending global observance that takes the world by storm through fast and prayers for a span of a month saw its remembrance restated to all the students in the school auditorium on 14th May 2018 by the department of Arabic with the ingenious students of Grade 7 in Smart Indian School. The legacy that was there since the time of the custom’s inception has its profound effect in all those who observe and who astonish at this wondrous resistance. The Muslims all around the world hold fast to this seamless work of holding firmly to the percepts and teachings of Holy Quran. The holiest month in the Islamic calendar marks the advent of blessing, prosperity and newness in life when it is sincerely kept to the core. Focusing this, the department of Arabic organized a special assembly to enlighten the students with the significance of its time and the observance of this time period in the name of purest observance. The session had the total gathering of students from grades 3 to 9 along with their respective subject teachers. The special occasion was graced by the philanthropist Sponsor – Mr. Ali Judiyan Al Rasheedi, the school Principal – Mr. Mahesh Iyer and Administrative Manager – Ms. Shaima Zaki. The time crawled in with the succession of videos displayed to the students to permit them to have an overview of the proceedings and processes in this month. The displays included the ablution performed for this extraordinary fast, the consumption of the specially designed eatables, the self-propriety and the celebration and festive that follow Ramadan in the name of Eid Mubarak. A special video was shown to highlight the solidarity that springs out in the hearts of all Islamic people around the world to prioritize it to their utmost ability. This sole time for the remembrance, had its surprising and joyful time to recount with the issuance of the certificates to the winners of the lantern making competition. The momentous moments welcomed our dear Sponsor and the school Principal to distribute the certificates also to the teams that won the intra-school football tournament. The session ended by the message that was delivered by the school Principal, Mr. Mahesh Iyer with the special certificate rendered for the support and preparation done by Ms.Amira Goda – the head of Arabic Department.

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