To induce the life skills of Self Care and Visual Spatial skills the Smart Indian School organized ‘Fun in the Sun‘ day as on 10 May 2018.  Yes, Summer started.  Kids are quenching their thirst with juices, cold drinks and ice creams.  Also these are the days when pupils would like to spend their time in water like swimming pools. The event was held for the kindergarteners so as to have a pleasant time in the school.  They were made to correlate the season with their daily life.  On that day the students were super excited.  They all came in yellow and orange summer clothes, sun glasses and caps.  It was so amazing to see all the tiny tots reflecting their exuberance. To make them explore their creativity and to have fun they were occupied in many life skill activities.  The day started with wrist band making activity which they relished thoroughly.  Then they had lemonade in the classroom to quell their thirst.  The scene of quashing their thirst with lemon juice was amazing.  After a while they were taken to the ground to watch how the lemonade is made as the stall had been put up in the open ground.  Also they danced to the tune of peppy music and played also with bubbles through the bubble show.  To carry their memories forever they had a photo session too. Wonderful scene to watch all the students in many colors and getting entertained.  Through the lemonade activity they were trained in the life skill of Self-care i.e. how to prepare the lemonade and drink it to beat the heat. In all at Smart Indian School the ‘Fun in the Sun Day’ was undoubtedly a fun filled day with lots of memories forever.

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