Grade 10 students of Bhavans Smart Indian School were welcomed by Bhavans SIS on the first day the academic year 2021-22 during the school assembly themed as “Samarpan Day” which means an Offering Day,where the students offer themselves to their parents by touching their feet to get their Blessings: where parents and teachers bless and wish the learners all the best for good results. Indeed, Bhavans SIS on Wednesday, 3 March 2021 extended a feeling of very strong support for the student and parent community and loyalty to them.

Students appeared joyfully to receive blessings from elders at home in the form of touching their feet as Indian culture believes in this spirituality as a moral support. Emcees Mrs. Saritha and Mrs. Bhavitha began the ceremony with a thought-provoking short introduction to the Academic year 2021-22 in the virtual platform Zoom.

This ceremony included Prayer song, Holy Quran recitation, Holy Bible reading, Gita recital, short welcome message to all the students by Mr. Mahesh Iyer, the principal, introduction to the subject teachers, candle symbolism and address by students and parents.

Mr. Mahesh Iyer, the principal, delivered a keynote words of wisdom on ego, high goal setting, joy of life with nature, individual responsibility, and respect to elders. His talk was focusing more on the importance of academic discipline and integrity along with the human values.

Mrs. Albin Daisy, the Vice Principal presided over the candle ceremony and briefed the relevance for the traditional practice of candle symbolism. Seeking the presence of the Almighty, she lit the candle of knowledge on behalf of the gathering and Mrs. Albin Daisy ended the ceremony with a wish “Let your light shine”.

All the subject teachers introduced themselves and motivated the students and parents. And Mr. Anoop, parent of Shrey, Mr. Manoj, parent of Essa, parent of Shaunak , parent of Sai – Mrs. Thushara, shared their messages and wishes to students.

Student Ritu, briefed the experience of the online classes of grade 9 and thanked the school for leading all the students to complete the course books successfully without any hindrance through online platform though education is severely affected by the Covid-19 situation. She appreciated the continuous efforts and excellent work done by the teachers under the guidance of the Principal.

The eminent leader Mr. Mahesh Iyer, the principal of Smart Indian School, thanked all the teachers, students and parents for their wonderful participation in the ceremony.


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