Kindergarten Smarters tried their hands-on newspapers crafts this time!!

Our paper consumption is the major driver of the forestry industry: almost half of the trees cut commercially around the world end up in paper products. Paper use has increased the most in the computer age despite technological advances like electronic communication, which should offer good alternatives.

Kindergarten Smarters had yet an exclusive chance of being eco-friendly and saving Mama-Earth by learning how to use newspapers not only to read but also to re-use them for various purposes by observing the theme ‘Newspaper craft day on March 2, 2021’ and hence made attempts to “Think Green and Go Green”, by putting forward their tiny little feet to save our Mother Earth.

The children were shown the process of making paper right from the tree to the step of getting a paper as a product. They also learnt not to waste newspapers and instead reuse it for making various crafts and products. The highlight of the day was when they made kites out of the newspapers, which was indeed a mesmerizing show. These decorative or practical objects made by hand turned out to be very much effective to use, and eventually children had learnt that this craftwork would undoubtedly be a part of their recreation.


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