‘MakaraSankranti’ – a festival of harvest that invites the presence of the delightful days for a longer time was celebrated in great pomp and show in Bhavans Smart Indian School campus.This auspicious time that intercedes the onset of sun is considered ceremonious and thus the great observance of this festive month takes place under different names like ‘Maghi’ in some states of North India, ‘Thai Pongal’ in Indian state of Tamil Nadu and ‘MakaraSankranti’ in some states of South India. As a tribute to the cultural diversity, the staff arranged a special service rendered to the season of harvest in a ceremonious way.The staff cladded in traditional attire with the presence of the long established rituals surrounding the auspicious place attracted attention. The amazing patterns of powdered kolams decorating the floors indicated the colours of life that has promised to give everyone a grand new beginning.The devotion and prayers that went up to honour the presence of this great day paved way to embrace the rites which they practice in the motherland.

The overflowing rice that accompanied the echoed chanting of the prayers in praises of Almighty gave a refreshing spirit to those who took part including students who arrived the school first in this festive time.The sweet was then served to all the staff and students sharing the joyous occasion of renewal, new life and fresh start. The management greeted all the celebrators of this festivity and wished each and every one a novel start of the New Year.


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