January 17th marked the debut venture of installing Bhavans Smart Indian School’s winter carnival – ‘Winterlude-2020’ in the campus with its spectacular wintry visuals that presented a formidable outlook of the school. The refurbished campus that fixed the essence of enjoyment and funfair in the hearts of people hosted an array of activities including various competitions, musical concerts, various performances, Magic Show, the ever-popular Haunted House, as well as commodities for purchase and served as an abode for food delicacies. This mega carnival came as a perfect event to break up the winter doldrums by providing all the happiness and joy of this fiesta under one roof. The happiness that was made sure to ensure delight and ecstasy filled the gathering’s mind just as the way the winter painted to give the bone-chilling cold and the necessity to dress up for the season’s survival.

The grand carnival was graced by the management that consisted of Bhavans Middle East Chairman – Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon, Principal of SIS – Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of IES – Mr. T. Premkumar, Vice-Principals of IES and SIS and KG Supervisor. The day started off in a bubble of warmth, fragrant stream of delicacies, sweet visual treats of various rides and unlimited laughter for a conducive and well spent day. The fiesta was opened to numerous fun which started with the ‘Glamour up’ to beautify the faces with amazing styles. Wonderful set of games like ‘Toss into the bucket’, ‘Can knock down’, ‘Fish Cup’, ‘Treasure Hunt’, ‘Roulette Corner’, ‘Target to win’, ‘Knock to win’ and ‘Balancing Act’ proved to give a special place of fun-loving atmosphere. ‘Guess and place’, ‘Hold your breath’, ‘Test your analytical skills’, ‘Ring Master’, ‘Flip Tac Toe’, and ‘Lucky Seven’ created a wide range of mind-boggling games time.

The moments turned to a merrier world when the stalls like ‘Sweet Corner’ and ‘Chatpata Corner’ released a myriad of mouth-watering dishes to seek the compelling food of one’s choice from the regions of Eastern and Middle Eastern flavours. Jail – a new addition to the carnival’s history of Bhavans prompted some real-life adventures to joyfully enjoy the sweet trapped time.‘Flip Trap’, ‘Build the Pyramid’,‘Golden Cup’, ‘Basket the ball’, ‘Badminton’, ‘Bingo’, ‘Play Station’,‘Foos ball’ and‘Carroms’built an endless love to explore the childlike nature in each one of them. The much expected Haunted House turned as an admirable side of eerie atmosphere that consisted of fun and artificial scaring elements.

The Unique Unicorn stall that provided lots of exciting and enthralling things had given away a vast range of awe-inspiring substance.Henna,Face Painting, Drawn Tattoos, Magic Show, Go green , Bouncy Rides & Balloons, Swara Sandhya –A Music Mania, DJ, Mummy & me, Daddy & me, Cooking without fire, Fashion Parade, Duet Dancing and SIS Idol brought out the performances of all the fun lovers and entertained the people to the core to give away all the possible enjoyment for the day. The long-awaited raffle draw amassed lots of surprises and valuable things to the parents and teachers and created a great impact on the benevolence that they cherish in school. The school felt proud for the sponsorship by the parents towards the carnival as well the tremendous support that they received from the astounding sponsors. This mega carnival came to its ultimate close by choosing to pack valuable memories, greatest achievements in this maiden venture leaving numerous expectation to await for its succeeding turns.


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