Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated India’s 71st Republic Day with great respect and reverence. The management, parent community and students took pride in glorifying the nation’s observance of its painstaking liberation. The spirit of unity had flown high on this auspicious day. The day that specialized in flag hoisting ceremony was graced by the Guest of the day – Mr. Ravi, parent of Atharva and Agatsya from grade 1 Virgo and special guests: Mr. and Mrs.Pradeepa Shetty, parent of Tejas Shetty from 6 Aries, the school Principal – Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Vice Principal – Ms. Albin Daisy, KG Supervisor – Ms. Rajni Menon, staff, parents and students. The revered time kicked off with the parade of BSS cadets who displayed nothing but the uniformity that sparkled patriotic veneration.

The dignitary along with the guests of the day were ushered with due respect to the flag pole where the gathering led the ceremonious moment of flag hoisting with honour and integrity. BSS cadets helpedthe venerated time happen with skilful gesture of workmanship. The students from Senior Wing led the program by being the masters of ceremony. The welcome address was given by the school’s Head Girl, Essa Manoj. The much expected speech for this grand day was given by the school Principal. The cultural program was followed after the end of this formal session.

The teachers had consented to offer many cultural programs to celebrate and remember the significance of the day through their performances. Some of the insightful activities were the song on patriotism, mime depicting the theme of liberation and achievement, dance signifying the plethora of styles to showcase ultimate devotion to the country and its mighty warriors of peace and freedom and mind-boggling quiz from history. The ‘Euphonic Strings’ team’s soulful singing brought the stage alive with passion and zeal for their motherland. The whole event reverberated with patriotic favor that the image of the fluttering tricolor instilled love and passion in the gathering’s heart and mind.


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