Bhavans Smart Indian School Kuwait organized an informative session on ‘Careers in Commerce’ for the benefit of grade 10 students on 11th September 2023. The guest speaker, Ms. Reanne Pinto an affiliate of the association of certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA-UK) and a licentiate of the Insurance Institute of India was greeted and welcomed by the Principal Mr. Mahesh Iyer and Vice-Principal Ms. Albin Daisy. They appreciated her interest and time to be with the young minds to provide them with the required information while deciding to choose Commerce as a subject after grade 10. Further Ms. Reanne was accompanied to the venue and made known to grade 10 students by the School Counselor Ms. Anju Jacob.

Ms. Reanne captured the attention of the young listeners through her precise power point presentation emphasizing on – What the subject is all about? Why choose commerce after grade 10? How to overcome hurdles in the process of decision making? etc. Moreover, she explained some interesting fields trendy among the present generation and mostly preferred by them specifically – project management, teaching profession, consultancy service, forensic audit & law, marketing, and entrepreneurship. She added more details to her presentation by listing the future immediate career opportunities available for commerce graduates after course completion without any waiting period namely – accountants, analyst jobs, managerial posts, banking sectors, insurance sector, managerial consultant and more. Ms. Reanne also offered inspirational guidance to the 10th graders while deciding upon choosing a career in commerce and encouraged them to make informed decisions by reading a lot of academic related news to upgrade themselves about the present changes and happening in the field of education.  Her instant reply to the queries raised by the students and assurance to keep in touch with them regarding any clarification was appreciated by the students. As a token of gratitude Ms. Reanne was offered a Memento by Ms. Anju along with the students in recognition for her effort and dedication for volunteering to reach out to the inquisitive listeners information related to the field of Commerce.


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