“Who says we have to grow up?” Walt Disney

          The cartoons we watched as kids continue to interest us all. Cartoons are a big part of kids’ life because they love them. Children can learn a lot and have their curiosity piqued by watching animated cartoons. They support young children’s understanding of colours, shapes, and numbers; they expose them to other languages and help them hone their language skills; and they are a fantastic source of fresh ideas that youngsters can use to further their aspirations. The KG wing of Bhavans Smart Indian School and Jack and Jill Pre-School celebrated Cartoon Character Day on May 25, 2023, with great enthusiasm. The tiny tots of Pre-KG, KG1, and KG2 were at their creative best and looked magnificent as they dressed up in their favorite cartoon character attire with a variety of props like toys, masks, and posters to portray their favorite cartoon. They were ecstatic to see their friends dressed in various cartoon outfits, as evidenced by the enthusiasm on their expressions. The young children spoke with vim and enthusiasm, performed a ramp walk while wearing their preferred costumes, and confidently portrayed their beloved cartoon character. It was entertaining to watch kids try to imitate some of their favorites.  Overall, Cartoon Character Day was filled with wonder and inspiring messages. It was amusing to see all the superheroes, fairies, Mickey, and Mini Mouses enjoy themselves with their friends and create lifelong memories.


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