Bhavan’s SIS honours the Month of Ramadan

Ramadan – the holiest month in the Islamic calendar is considered a sacred period among the Islamic fraternity. Bhavan’s Smart Indian School arranged a special celebration to honour the month of Ramadan.The Department of Arabic united hands to render a splendid celebration of Ramadan. The students gave joyful and beautiful performances during the program. The special remembrance was graced by the school Principal – Mr. Mahesh Iyer and the Administrative Manager – Ms. Shaima Zaki. The students of grades 6 to 8 performed various programs to honour the month of goodwill and prosperity. A skit on the holy month for Muslims which marks prayers, sacrifice and penitence as the core deeds was performed by the students.The significance of the five pillars of Islamic faith which must be followed during fasting was also presented to them. The importance of practicing willing abstinence from food expanded their knowledge on the notion of sacrifice. The students welcomed the month of fasting through their devotional Arabic dance. A day of fasting during the sacred month of Ramadan was projected to the students in the form of a video. The students admired and praised the method of practice which each Muslim follows with dedication. The ordained fasting on Muslims and the firmness of their belief to observe fasting from dawn to dusk were greatly admired by the hearts that assembled for the celebration. Thus the school remembered the month of goodwill and the Principal rendered greetings of ‘RAMADAN KAREEM’ to one and all.

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