A collaborative discussion between Smart Indian School, Kuwait and Sowdambikaa Mount Litera Zee School, Trichy, Tamil Nadu took place on 8th February 2022 on the Zoom platform. The theme of the discussion was Envisioning the Future of Water Worldwide. Smart Indian School students along with the students of the partner school talked about the importance of river water in India and the other countries and also the need to save them in dams and to conserve water. The event was organized by the Social Science Department of SIS. The enlightening event started with prayer and Harsha Kulkarni welcomed all. A visual treat was given by Vinitra, Radha and Jasriya through their graceful dance. This event allowed the students to compare the country (India) with China, Africa, Thailand and Australia in respect to the civilization of the people near the river Ganges in India and a respective known river in another country. The students traced the origin of the river (Ganges) in India, river (Yangtze) in China, river(Nile) in Africa, river(Chao Phraya) in Thailand and river(Murray) in Australia using Atlas and represented it on a Map. They found how the early settlements and construction of cities were done near the river using references in India and other countries. They prepared a leaflet to depict the rise of settlements near the river. Students listed how these rivers helped people on their way before reaching their destination (sea). A poster was prepared by the students on conserving water in India. Water scarcity has become a big problem today; if it is not taken care of in time, it will become a threat in the future. Understanding the scarcity and importance of water, many people have started conserving water.

The event concluded on the note that water conservation is the most cost-effective, environmentally sound way to reduce our water demand and so each one of us must do our bit towards improving water management to enhance optimum use of water.


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