Bhavan’s SIS celebrates Labour’s Day The first day of May is celebrated as International Labour’s Day and Bhavan’s Smart Indian School proudly arranged a special celebration on this day for workers. The classes assigned organized a special assembly that displayed several programs to honour the workers all across the globe. The unique gesture of appreciating their service and giving gifts filled with love made their day a memorable one. The ebullient tiny tots of Kindergarten jubilated the theme of the day by rendering wonderful gifts to the workers of the school. The sweet gesture melted the hearts of the viewers. The significance of the day was brought out well by the students of grades 5 and 9. Several programs helped the audience to understand the real essence of the day and the need to honour all professions alike was well brought out through their performances. The shining students of grade 5 celebrated the theme of the day through their striking performances in a musical drama. The most essential message of the day was to respect every profession with dignity and this was amazingly displayed by the students. The students in beautiful attire created an ambience with a sense of oneness and celebration. The dynamic students of grade 9 honoured the heroes and heroines responsible for building a hygienic and secure surrounding for us through their hard work. It was a joyous day for the school maids as their faces beamed when they were invited for the program. The emcees of the special assembly led the time well with their lively presence. The song and skit reflected the motto of the day’s theme. The dance which our dear students performed enhanced the celebratory mood and it rightly served a feast to the eyes. The unsung heroes of the day were called on stage and the token of love and gratitude was extended to them in the form of cash gifts which were offered to each one of them. The final minutes consisted of a group picture which brought all the hard-working hands in the frame. The day culminated in the remembrance of the laborious ones. The school felt immensely proud to have the best team of supporting parents.  

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