International Yoga Day 2021 themed as “Yoga at home and Yoga with Family” was celebrated on Monday, June 21, 2021 to stay motivated at home and adopt a healthy lifestyle by doing exercise and yoga. Students, parents, and teachers of SIS participated in this session enthusiastically.

Keeping to the theme, Bhavans Smart Indian School, organized an hour-long online Yoga Session for students and parents. The Chief Guest Ms. Kavitha Niroop, a senior faculty from the Art of Living Foundation, Kuwait and a language coach and  soft–skills trainer along with the Guest of Honour Ms. Nandini Sharma, a senior faculty from the Art of Living Foundation, Kuwait and Mr. Akhil Murali, Govt. certified yoga trainer conducted this session.

Ms. Kavitha Niroop pointed up the history and ancient science of yoga to the participants from the outset of the session. A short yoga illustration was an interesting part that helped many of the participants know more about it. She also quickly explained some of the techniques to make one’s mind and body calm and composed. The concept of “skill in action is yoga” was well-explained. Participants gained knowledge that yoga is not just a physical exercise but rather a mental fitness.

Mr. Akhil Murali, the dynamic yoga instructor, conducted a guided yoga session. He started the session with preparatory exercises for different parts of the body and also standing pose for concentration and healthy nervous system, sitting pose known as Namaste pose for healthy lung capacity, laying pose known as Savasana pose were demonstrated. Participants did all these poses perfectly following the instructions given by the trainer.

Ms. Nandini Sharma, the senior faculty from the Art of Living Foundation, Kuwait, demonstrated a breathing exercise “humming while exhaling” and gave a short lecture on synchronizing and aligning our body and mind through Pranayama. In addition, a guided breathing exercise through an audio was conducted and that helped everyone repose in themselves.

The World Music Day was also commemorated in the same meeting with a student representative Janet from grade 9 Aries singing an entertaining and rhythmic song. The entire participants were taken aback when the powerful singer Mr. Mahesh Iyer, the school Principal mesmerized everyone through his tuneful and soulful rendition.

Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon, Chairman, Bhavans Middle East, accentuated some of the benefits of yoga in education for children with all the participants that it improves one’s memory, attention span, clarity of mind, focus on education. He requested that everyone incorporate step by step yoga into daily life to manage stressful moments. He appreciated all the yoga trainers for their persistent and remarkable efforts to spread the significance of yoga for fitness.

Mr. Mahesh Iyer, the Principal of Smart Indian School appreciated and encouraged everyone wholeheartedly to make yoga as a way of living and elaborated on how Music can heal the mind and body like the Yoga.

Ahswanth, a student from grade 9, proposed the vote of thanks while Nifansa Arul from grade 9 Aries anchored the program through her eloquent speech style. The Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, and the trainer were acknowledged by virtual mementos. All the participants left the zoom yoga hall after attending the Indian National Anthem.



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