Bhavans Smart Indian School initiated the first of its kind virtual concert in Kuwait among schools by featuring Bhavans Middle East Euphonic Strings to render the soothing and soulful music, which is much needed in this period of confinement. ‘People who have will are so surely to find their way to reach the stars and the sky becomes the limit for their aspirations’, becomes true for this band. The first virtual concert of the band headed by the school Principal – Mr. Mahesh Iyer and equally supported by the talented parents of Bhavans had seen a different dimension in easing out the pain of this pandemic as well as connecting the music lovers across the school. Music which uplifts the inner sight and augments the senses to lend appreciation to the beauty around us was taken by a new wave of movement which satisfied the needs of many whose dreams to attend musical extravaganza remained unimaginable. The act of making impossible possible created positive ripples to the online viewers as well as to the knowers of this new development.

The presenters along with the lengthy list of performers staged the time with the music that transcended borders. The concert was a pure dedication to the brave and courageous frontline communities and health-care workers for their sheer and selfless act of kindness which was manifested like never before. The orchestration had inarguably centered on the praise and celebration to all the people out there who turn as the sole proprietor in washing away this pandemic virus thus far. The venture to succeed in pleasing ears and applauding frontliners garnered great praise. The creators of this venture are also the parents from Bhavans Kuwait who all are working from home for their office. They had dedicated their valuable time for recording, compiling, Mixing and doing the final editing at home.

The parent fraternity salute these frontline warriors for their relentless work done towards the humanity across the globe, during the Corona Crisis.

While the BVB TEAM extends its sincere appreciation to the parents, all the members of Euphonic Strings expressed their Gratitude to the Chairman Mr.N.K.Ramachandran Menon for letting the platform open for this novel dedication.


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