Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated the World Book Day on 23rd April in its most reverential gesture. Bowing down to all the creative and amazing writers and to their remarkable creations, the teachers from kindergarten started off the day by reading out wonderful stories for their budding creators. Thus entertaining them and explicating to them the importance of reading during this lockdown period.

Reading becomes more entertaining and amazing when one holds a book with an attractive cover page and cute book mark.  Eye-catching cover pages are the first driving stimulus for any small child to the reading world. The students from grade one to five expressed their eagerness to reading by preparing amazing book covers and book marks.

When the primary designed the book the secondary and higher secondary students twisted and grilled their creativity to the fullest creating the best stories together. The ‘Spin a Yarn’ competition won the hearts of the children as each of them contributed to the story of the class and became the authors of their wonderful stories through e-learning sessions.

Thus Smart Indian School unlocked the lock-downs for its students by driving them to the world of fictions and fantasies of books through e-learning .


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