The promising school with an innovational venture in all its series of events committed yet another exchange of education and culture with Al Resala Bilingual School on 15th of October, 2018. The interaction between schools turned to be a productive one through the visitation of the dear children to our campus. The time the children spent with the students of Indian school enlightened and boosted them to explore the ways the education can transcend borders. The credit goes to our school’s KG Supervisor, Ms. Rajini Menon, when her casual conversation to the heads of the school brought a collaborative forum between students and staff. The students of grades 1, 5 and 8 were selected to have an empowering alliance with the children of the visited school. The energetic children of grade 1 explored and concerted the colouring session with painting and crafts. The different hues in which the children immersed themselves in the given time gave way to multiple notions such as learning, inducing many artistic techniques and value of togetherness. The students of grades 5 and 8 were introduced to the life-lesson of advocating inclusive education to all kids irrespective of ability. The children had an assemblage of various learning processes in the short span of time with them. The earnest and cheerful students of both schools joined hands in collecting the monumental heritages of both Kuwait and India and engineered it as a collage. The creative work of collage represented not just the team spirit but also the bilateral ties of both countries that has been living for many decades. The students enjoyed the new platform of exchanging their belongings to each other in the form of culture and education. The educational methods of our smart school were quite impressive to the students and staff and they parted by leaving a wish to keep continuing the warm fellowship in the years to come. The school felt proud and honored to leave no stones unturned in stepping into the road that had never been taken. Al Resala school paid their ultimate felicitation to the school Principal, Mr. Mahesh Iyer and Vice-Principal, Ms. Albin Daisy for granting them a distinguished rostrum to display and get exposed to various pedagogical nuances.    

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