The department of science and the young and energetic students, Bhavans Smart Indian School (SIS) produced a movie titled as “No Longer Afraid”. The team had chosen the mode of YouTube social media to spread the awareness and eventually it organized a movie show for the students of SIS, teachers, and parent community on 1 December 2020, Tuesday. It was a short movie spanning about half an hour, the meeting started at 10.00 am and ended 10.30 am.

The students were taken out of MS Teams regular classes to join the zoom auditorium where the movie show was shown. The short film conveyed a strong message to the world that disturbs the HIV positive community by words and deeds. It was indeed a great effort by the  students in these social concerned activities.

The purpose of the short film was to make everyone here on earth understand the ups and downs they have been through and help them have a peaceful life in the society. The show wasn’t for the emotional reactions which would last for the time being rather for a change in the lives of HIV positive community.

After the thought-provoking short film, all the students resumed their regular classes in MS Teams. The aftermath of the movie show led the students for further discussions too in the classes for a while.

Bhavans Smart Indian School proves that education is no education if the products are not contributing to the society. Yes, in this scenario, the school provided all the support and guidance to the students to create awareness as WHO calls on citizens to focus on this vulnerable group.

The session ended requesting everyone that “We can all contribute to the effort to end AIDS and make the world a healthier place.”


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